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What You Need to Know – Roof Replacement

What You Need to Know – Roof Replacement

What You Need to Know – Roof Replacement

Your roof serves multiple purposes atop your home or business. It protects you and your property, provides privacy, and promises shelter from the elements. With all those crucial duties, it is important to keep you roof in the best possible condition which includes keeping on top of any damages and knowing when your roof needs to be replaced. After all, you want to ensure not only optimal performance for the value of home or business but also for the safety and security of your family or your employees and customers.

Variables Indicate Needed Roof Replacement

If you pay close attention, a number of variables can indicate the need of a new roof on your home or business. Age is an important factor – if your roof is over 20 years old, a replace is likely in your future. Moss on your roof is another indicator, because this seemingly harmless plant can cause serious damage to your roof forcing a premature replacement. Shingles, in many materials, shapes, and sizes signal trouble when they go missing, are buckling, or have bald patches. In the attic, be sure to inspect for rays of sunlight peeking through or wet spots in the attic, both signs of a damaged roof. On the roof, look for roof valleys (areas for drainage), which are often the first areas to give way. Soft spots on the roof also indicate trouble ahead, as does a sagging roof that may be a structural issue which needs to be repaired right away.

How Do You Know Its Time?

Your roof often gets overlooked, until a problem arises. You don’t want to let it get that far, because a leak can mean water damage to your home and furnishings. Having a reputable roofing contractor, like Bilt-Well Roofing, can help you determine the need for a new roof by providing a thorough inspection of your roof. And remember, a trustworthy contractor will offer you solutions, not simply push an expensive new roof on you.

Count the Cost

When you arrive at the point of needing a new roof, the first thing that comes to mind is, “How much is this going to cost me?” There are multiple factors in the cost of a new roof including materials used, the size of your roof, the pitch of your roof, and other items, as well as the contractor you choose. explains, “the range for a new roof in 2017 is between $ $5,108 and $9,726, with the average being $7,208. The low-end price range is at $1,200 and the high-end is near $30,000.” As you can see, the range is wide, so get estimates and by all means shop around.

Shopping Around and Selecting a Professional

As you wisely shop around, beware of lowest prices guarantees and even lower priced materials. If an estimate sound too good to be true, it probably is. On the other hand, if estimates sound high for your area, don’t be afraid to negotiate a lower price if the contractor comes highly recommended.

Always search the internet for those roofing companies that give you estimates, investigating each company’s reviews, credentials, liability insurance, and warranties. This extra time and effort will help insure you are hiring a trusted roofing contractor.’s Money editor advises, ” .be extremely careful whom you hire. Get references from neighbors (or tradespeople or lumber yards) that you trust, and check major roofing manufacturer websites for lists of certified installers. Then request client references from anyone you’re considering, and check out their reputations on Angie’s List and their backgrounds on ContractorCheck.”

Selecting Materials and Getting the Job Done

There are many materials to choose from – from expensive to affordable. All have pros and cons. Your roofing contractor will be able to guide you based on your roof’s structure and size, as well as your budget and the timeline required to get the job done. Contrary to what you may have heard, your roof can be replaced virtually any time of year. explains, when your roof needs replacing, you don’t need to wait for perfect weather, “Believe it or not…a roof can be replaced even in the winter as long as you have a window of opportunity. If your contractor has a well-trained staff, an entire roof can be replaced in just three or four days.”

Once completed, a properly replaced roof ensures protection, safety, privacy, and shelter for your home or business for years to come – truly a sound investment in your investment. When the times comes for your roof replacement in the greater Los Angeles area, Bilt-Well Roofing stands ready to serve your roofing needs meeting deadlines, exceeding expectations, and delivering quality and service every time. Call today and discover the Bilt-Well difference!

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