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Commercial Roofing Solutions

At Bilt-well we strive to develop innovative, cost effective custom solutions for the most complex commercial roofing challenges. We marry our intimate knowledge of our craft with the latest technology to achieve faster and safer execution, creating a robust commercial roofing system. Every aspect of your project, from pre-construction through completion is important for success. You can be confident knowing Bilt-well always incorporates the highest industry standards with almost a century of experience to every commercial roof repair or installation project.

Commercial Showcase

Roofing Systems

Torch applied roof systems.

Green Roof
Greenhouse roofing systems.

Single Ply
TPO, PVC, and KEE systems.


Asphalt applied roof systems.

Metal Roof
Architectural sheet metal roof systems.

Fluid applied commercial roof coatings.


Concrete Roof
Concrete and Clay tile roofs.

Tile Roofing
Authentic and composition options.

Big Decision

Choosing the right commercial roofing system for your building or project is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. The correct system will protect your investment for decades, while the wrong roofing system may result in costly repairs, damage to your building and its contents, and possibly an early tear-off and re-roof . In the next few tabs we’ll provide a brief overview of a few of the most popular options.

Built Up Roof

The Traditional Built Up Roof is hot mopped BUR applied over wood, concrete, steel, or foam insulation.


TPO roofing systems are among the fastest growing commercial roofing systems. Made of a particularly durable material with a low-temperature flexibility and a high-temperature tolerance, these roofs are remarkably resistant to ultraviolet, ozone, and chemical exposure. They have a lifespan of 20+ years and also provide high resistance to fire, punctures, chemicals, and high winds.


EPDM roofing offers superior durability and versatility, making it one of the longest lasting commercial roofs available.  Rubber roofing systems are also typically easier to install, maintain, and repair than many other commercial roofs.

Solar & Greenhouse

With good cause, the demand for environmentally friendly roofing solutions continues to increase. Gone are the days where your roof had only a single use. Solar roofing provides energy in a more cost effective way while it protects your roof as well as your home or business.
In addition, Greenhouse systems are harnessing the power of the sun to grow produce and greenery.

Metal Tile and Sheet

Metal roofs provide energy savings, beauty, and protection for your business which can last a lifetime.  Durability, style, and waste control are just a few of metal roofing’s’ many benefits due to the fact that it fares very well against the elements.

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The guys at Bilt-well were so helpful at making sure that the process was clean and concise we have had literally no issues with our roof in 7 years.

Teresa Wilson - Chase Bank, Wilshire Boulevarde
These guys know their stuff, they make sure the right roof is implemented the first time so that you don’t have to worry.

John Bledsoe - Petersen Inc. DTLA
Our roof has been in pristine condition since the day we’ve installed with Bilt-well and we would highly reccomend their services to all professionals.

Dean A. Beck - President, Bel Air Country Club

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