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All roofs require periodic inspection and maintenance in order to perform as designed and to provide a long and effective service life. Periodic inspection and maintenance is also typically required by roofing system manufacturers to keep roofing warranties in full force and effect. Although all building owners should establish a periodic roof inspection program, inspection and maintenance of any roof should be undertaken only by qualified persons who are familiar with safe roofing practices, including all applicable occupational, health and safety regulations relating to the roofing and construction industries.

Water Proofing
Protect your investment from from water damage.

Get more out of your outdoor space with a solid deck.

Gutters & Spouts
Gutters are a huge part of any roofing system as they help irrigate water off your roof.


Tile Roofing
Choose from a wide variety of tile colors and styles.

Protect your loved ones with stylish railing.

Comprehensive Roof Audits
Find out everything about your roof.


Wood Shake
Add a timeless and beautiful look to your home.

Roof Inspections
We can come and give an accurate assessment of any roof issues.

Metal Roofing Systems
We install and repair metal roofs.


Hot Tar Roofing
We use an old fashioned kettle to get you the most reliable roof.

Deck Refurbishing
We refurbish and re-coat existing decks.

Modified Bitumen
We specialize in Modified bitumen coatings.


Shingle Roofing
We have a large variety of shingles in all colors and materials.

We can use protective coatings to protect your investment.

Your heating bill depends on you having a well insulated home.

Preventative maintenance saves thousands.
Pay Now or Pay Later

By performing a regular proactive roof maintenance on a well designed and installed roof system, owners can achieve
25 to 30 years of service life from their roofs. Through life cycle costing, savings of 50% or greater can be realized.

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