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Lisa S. Ball

Thank you very much for your help last week. I was so worried about the looming storm and my slipped shingles. I know that you had a ton of calls!

I was very happy to know that the roofer who came to my house to assess the situation had worked on my house when Bilt-Well put the roof on a number of years ago. He not only remembered my house, but he asked about my husband, who sadly, passed away unexpectedly in 2013.

It was so nice of him to say such nice things about my husband, and, knowing that he was remembered really made my day.

Thank you again for accommodating me and sending a crew out as fast as you did to take care of this for me. I am still getting used to handling things on my own…it’s very hard to do!

Peggy W.

In 1999 we needed a new roof on our Mt. Washington home. We received numerous recommendations from people my husband worked with at Franklin High School. Everyone of them said to go with Bilt-Well Roofing.

We were given an excellent quote, they completed the roof quickly and cleaned up when they were done. They were very courteous as well. In all these years we’ve NEVER had a problem with or roof, Recently, since the roof is over 18 years old, I decided to have a roof inspection before (hopefully) we get some rain.

Last week two very nice guys came and inspected the roof and said it was still in good condition. After almost 19 years I think that’s great and I would highly recommend Bilt-Well Roofing to anyone. They are well known in this area of Los Angeles and highly respected. I would also like to thank Jose for being a kind and caring employee of Bilt-Well Roofing and Jacqueline, who works in the office and helped to schedule the visit.

Alessandra F.

After a rocky start and a bad first impression, they really turned it around and showed pretty great customer service. Luppe took really good care of me and followed up every step of the way to make sure I was satisfied. In addition, the owner Steve came in person to give me a second appraisal/roof inspection. He took me up to the roof with him and explained everything that needed to be corrected and why. He also showed up on the day the work was getting done to make sure I was happy and everything was going well. They fit me in in order to make sure my roof was ready before the rain season. I felt appreciated as a customer and well taken care of. I would definitely go back to them for any future roofing work.

Luciana C.

I have done business with Bilt Well Roofing for the past 20 years. They maintained our condo building flat roof for many years and just last year replaced it with a brand new roof. They have also repaired our Pasadena bungalow roof. They are very responsive and knowledgeable and their prices are very reasonable.

Suzanne D.

When my husband and I noticed a leak in our office during the last rain, we researched for the best roofing company in the area. With El Niño coming, it seems every roofing company in the city is booked solid, but Ryan at Bilt-Well came by to check out our roof within days. He noticed the electrical wires that came from our AC unit were not properly roofed in, so he sealed it on the spot (FOR FREE!) because he knew no one would come to help us anytime soon. Then he gave us an estimate to properly correct the issue so we’d avoid the constant maintenance. The pricing was very reasonable, and we plan to call them soon to fix properly. Ryan was kind and honest, and I look forward to working with his family-owned Bilt-Well more in the near future. Thanks, Ryan!

Ashley H.

So my roof has always had problems since I could remember. My hose has a flat roof so when rain season comes, we always have an issue with puddles on the roof because there is no way for the water to flow down. The landlord has never considered on changing the roof, so this is a constant issue we have to deal with and it is such a pain in the ass, worrying if we will have some leakage! So the landlord had referred somebody to repair the roof about 3 years ago, and now problems have begin to arise again, and sure enough that roofer is nowhere to be found. THANK GOD FOR BILT WELL! I have lived in this area all my life and have known Bilt Well to have a great reputation, I even attended school across the street! I spoke on the phone with Tina, who couldn’t have been nicer and more understanding! Even in the busy rain season, where it is so hard to get an appointment, she made sure I got one before the rain came which is a big relief! They come bright and early before you leave to work which is a plus and they come on time! Most places give you a time frame but they were there at the appointment time! They also took the time to check the whole roof to make sure there wasn’t any leaks anywhere else from what we noticed. They were friendly and professional. They even check up after a rain to make sure there are no leaks! So if you are looking for a roof company that will do professional work, friendly staff and worth the investment, I highly recommend Bilt Well. It has been around 4 – 5 months since their visit and so far no leaks! Now I can sleep easy knowing that they did a good job! Thanks Tina! I forgot the roofers names but I owe them a big thank you as well!

William G.

I have been in my house since 1978. Bilt-Well roofing put on a brand-new roof in 1980 and a second roof in about 2005. They also have maintained my skylights for many years and then put in new skylights with double glazed, curved windows. Whenever there been minor leaks, they were quickly on site making repairs as often as necessary, without any additional costs.

Their service is excellent, these guys really know what they’re doing. We’re expecting heavy rains this winter and I asked him to come out and take a look, as I have not had any problems in years and want to be ready for El Niño. I was told my roof was in good shape but they come by and do just a little bit of ceiling to be on the very safe side. I really love these guys and have recommended many new customers to them, all of whom have been very satisfied.

Mazen B.

So I called 7 different places. They all came out and gave me estimates. Some were very high for a flat roof, some were very low. Bilt-Well was not the cheapest but they had a very reasonable price. Once the estimate was received, I sent in a deposit, two weeks later the job started and voila… New roof. Very professional work and all my questions were answered when I had them. You can tell the crew knew exactly what they were doing and at no time I felt like “OMG did I make a mistake hiring them”

They had to custom make my garage scuppers which came out very well.

Definitely recommend this company to anyone needing a roof replaced or fixed.

Deborah K

So outside of my childhood I’ve spent most of my life a renter. I don’t know why you need a pipe on the outside of your water heater. I can’t tell one kind of strapping from another. Is that slopey patio designed to run water off properly or is the foundation shot? Who knows. Not me. But when I went into escrow I did know my roof was bad. When the seller tells you the roof is bad you know it’s bad. The disclosures were confusing, everyone had an opinion on what it would cost me to fix it. I didn’t know a shingle from a piece of…. Well anyway.

I called three roofers; one of whom did the original inspection and estimate. One didn’t even call me back the third was Bilt-Well. The original inspector was condescending and unhelpful and didn’t inspire confidence. When I asked him for more information on specific points in his estimate he spoke slowly like he was taking to a child. That doesn’t open the ol’ wallet. Reno at Bilt-Well not only inspected my future roof immediately, he took the time to call me from the roof to talk through what he was seeing, since I was unable to go with him. He explained the shingles he was reccomending, what the alternatives were, what kind or roof I had and what that meant for lifetime wear and tear, as well as information on rebates from the DWP for energy efficient shingles. His prices were very competitive; his estimates thorough, warranties were appropriate and clear, and he was always quick to answer any questions or explain anything unfamiliar. I came out of the experience not only confident that I’d chosen well but also more knowledgeable about roof maintenance for my future; invaluable for a first time buyer. I would reccomend Bilt-Well in a heartbeat.

Michael G

Steve and the gang at Bilt-Well are top notch. I have been doing business with Steve for many years. They have done work on my home as well as a commercial building I own. Steve has even called his crew out many times in a moments notice when I had leaks in my roof and could not afford to replace it. Once I did my reroof with Bilt-Well They did an excellent job they were in and out and left everything spotless. I cannot say enough good things about these guys..


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