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What To Consider When Choosing A Roof Color

What To Consider When Choosing A Roof Color

What To Consider When Choosing A Roof Color

Choosing a color for your new roof is not always a definite choice. When it comes to installing asphalt shingles, slate, or even metal, there are many color choices available, and for each color of shingle there is, there are several shades of that color. You can either choose all the same exact shades or have every shade of that color possible. Who knew a roof can look so creative? Make a good decision, though, as roofs are meant to last for a good 20 to 30 years.

When choosing the color of your new roof from roofing companies in Los Angeles, here are many things that you should take into consideration.

Light or dark?

When choosing a dark roof over a light one, there are more differences than cosmetic differences. Darker roof shingles will make a home ten degrees warmer than pure white shingles on a warm day. Depending on the contrast with your home, as well as how warm you prefer it, either dark or light roofs are good decisions.

Compared To Brick

When picking a color for your roof, you can always change the color of the siding and shutters, but not brick, as they are permanent. You can compared sample shingles to the brick that you have from your house, and then compare the shingles to the rest of your exterior.

Compared To Paint

Perhaps you are also intending to give your home a new coat of paint. You can get paint swatches from the hardware store and compare them to your shingle samples as well. If you dislike either color, you can always change your shingle or paint color before the roofing companies in Los Angeles come to install your roof.

Compared To Complementary Color

You should also consider choosing a roof color that compliments the siding of your home. Some homeowners decide to choose a shingle color that is almost the same color as the home itself. The result is a bland eyesore of a home. Avoid matching colors as much as possible.

Compared To Multicolored Home

If your home exterior is already quite colorful, either with paint, brick, stone or a combination of the 3, you are recommended to choose a shingle color that is toned down, such as a black or gray. Too many patterns and busy colors will add so much clutter. In the other hand, if your home has a monotone look, a bold color can really add curb appeal to it.

Compare Shingles In All Types Of Light

When using shingle samples to compliment the exterior colors of your home, look at the sample in both natural sunlight and in shade. To do this, place it in an outdoor area that is shady, and then come back later in the day and see it when it is in the sun. Be sure that all the outdoor house colors work tremendously well under all light.

Resale Value

An appealing, flashy roof might be what is in your best interest, but it might not be everybody’s. If you are looking to sell your home in the future, consider a roof color that is safer so that it can appeal to a broader range of home buyers. There are times where people who are visiting the home are in love with it, but they don’t want to buy it because of the roof. Of course, the new owner wouldn’t want to pay for a new roof as soon as they buy the home, so it is best to pick a roof in a safe color that still looks good on the home.

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