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Warning Signs That Your Roof May Need Repairs

Warning Signs That Your Roof May Need Repairs

Warning Signs That Your Roof May Need Repairs

Not all roofs are the same; each roof has a unique design and structure. Some roofs have better draining capacity while others do not. So if a roof leaks, it needs to be properly inspected and fixed immediately. Roofers in LA will determine whether the problem can be fixed or the whole roof needs to be replaced. While replacement is always the last option, it becomes necessary when there are multiple problems with the roof or new issues come up each season. There are some warning signs that you need to look out for when considering repairing the roof or replacing it.

1.    Age

Roofing systems usually have a life of about 20 years, depending on the materials used and maintenance. With a simple eye test, determine if the roof looks weathered or damaged. You can also call expert Los Angeles roofers for a proper inspection.

2.    Leakage

Water entering into the structure of the building can cause bigger issues than mere inconvenience. They need to be corrected immediately and properly to avoid further property damage. Severe leaks are often a sign that the roof needs to be replaced.

3.    Stains

In commercial buildings with roof framing, there are water stains on the walls. Even if you don’t see active leakage, these stains are signs of internal leakage. It not only ruins the appeal of the building but, if left on its own, can damage the paint and interior materials further.

4.    Accumulation of Water

If excessive water accumulates in the low-lying areas of the roof, it will eventually seep into the roof. It usually happens if the roof doesn’t drain properly. The damage will be quicker if the roof has wood substrates and rafters. Ponding can cause severe structural and safety issues and needs to be fixed immediately to reduce the cost of repair.

5.    Delamination

Lamination is when two or more substrates are brought together to form an integrated layered structure. They increase the curb value of the house and increase the longevity of the structure. If your roof is laminated and you notice the layers coming apart or displaced, you should consider contacting Los Angeles roofers to get them fixed.

6.    Formation of Blisters

If you see pockets of air or bubbles cropping up on your roof, it could be because of trapped air and moisture under the roofing material. They need to be fixed soon since allowing them to continue growing can cause cracks to appear, which reduces the efficiency of the roofing system.

7.    Fracturing of Roof Membrane

Cracks and splits on the roof membrane are a sign of dehydration of the membrane. It loses its flexibility, and even small amounts of stress can result in fissures in the membrane. If not fixed immediately, it will damage the roof and cause leakage.

8.    Damaged Flashings

Flashings are thin pieces of water-resistant materials installed to prevent water from entering the structure. If the sealant around pipes and vents is drying and cracking, it cannot stop water from entering the walls, eventually affecting the structure.

9.    Loss of Granules

No roof lasts forever. Gradual weathering and perpetual exposure to heat and moisture affect the properties of the roofing materials, and they start to disintegrate. If you see loose granules piling up on the roof or bare spots on the roof membrane, it is a sign that your roofing needs repair or replacement.

If you are from LA and your roof needs to be looked at, repaired, or maintained, or you want to install a new roofing system, connect with us for a free quote.

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