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The El Niño effect decoded and how to brace against it

The El Niño effect decoded and how to brace against it

The El Niño effect decoded and how to brace against it

We’ve been hearing for some time that El Niño is coming, and yet here in Los Angeles, we haven’t seen the excessive rain predicted to accompany El Niño. Does that mean we’ve missed it this year or is El Niño still marching toward us? If so, what impact will it have on the residents of L.A.? Will it be a kinder, gentler El Niño than expected or will it be the “Godzilla” El Niño that some news outlets have predicted? And most important of all, what can we do to prepare for the arrival of El Niño?

El Niño Defined

El Niño is not a new weather phenomenon, fisherman of the South Pacific have known El Niño for hundreds of years because during a strong El Niño the fish they seek virtually disappear. El Niño is Spanish for “The Boy Child” a reference to the fact that El Niño’s arrival typically begins near the celebrations of the birth of the Christ Child.

El Niño impacts weather conditions worldwide, interrupting normal relations among ocean currents, the wind, the biosphere, and oceanic and atmospheric temperatures. The ocean’s surface temperatures rise in the eastern Pacific and rainfall is reduced while in the western Pacific, off our coast, storms loom large and the rains increase.

El Niño is Here

El Niño actually arrived in late December and is expected to continue through late spring. Though we haven’t YET received the rainfall amounts anticipated, the current forecasts indicate higher than normal rains through the remainder of winter and into spring. El Niño will likely weaken by early summer and a shift to La Niña is predicted for the fall of 2016.

How Can You Prepare for El Niño?

First, you want to fix any roof leaks and roof repairs, before the rains of El Niño arrive. If there are trouble spots have them repaired as soon as possible. Check the metal flashing on your roof and ensure it is clear of debris and is guiding the water off the roof correctly. You’ll also want to clean your gutters and downspouts. Additionally, it’s also the ideal time to check for any roof repairs, leaks or breaks in gutters and seal holes in exterior walls. If you have exterior wood trim, particularly at your roof line, paint or stain to prevent water penetration and subsequent dry rot.

Now, you’ll want to check your windows and re-caulk as needed. Finally check your deck and balcony slopes to ensure water is flowing away from the walls of your home and the drainage is adequate, for the heavy rains El Niño promises to deliver.

Bilt-Well – Here to Help When You Need Us

Of course the simplest way to prepare your home and business for the hazards of El Niño is to call on our expert team here at Bilt-Well Roofing. From premium roofing services – both commercial and residential to customer solar panel and deck design and installation, we’ve got you covered!

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