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Can I Have Roofers Change the Pitch/Direction Of My Roof?

Can I Have Roofers Change the Pitch/Direction Of My Roof?

Can I Have Roofers Change the Pitch/Direction Of My Roof?

If you notice that your roof is aging, you also might be experiencing some other problems with your home. Perhaps you find your ceiling to be a little too low, maybe you are running out of room in the home, or you might get tired of how your house looks and want something dramatically different.

Can you change the pitch of your roof to solve one of these problems? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. Roofing Los Angeles CA contractors can overhaul your roof so that its shape or pitch is changed. The pitch of the roof refers to the roof’s slant. This slant can be increased, reduced, or even change in direction depending on what kind of roof you prefer.

This however is not a typical roof replacement. When roofing contractors replace a roof, they generally tear off the roof’s aging shingles and install new ones in; perhaps even replace or reinforce the roof’s structural support, insulation, and replacing the gutter system, too. If you want to replace your roof entirely for a different pitch or change in direction, it would require major changes such as replacing your roof’s ridges, rafters, inside walls, and more. It would be a much bigger job than just replacing the roof, but it definitely is possible.

Here are three reasons why customers ask us to change their roof entirely:

1.The House Needs Serious Renovations

Old homes will eventually suffer from sagging or rotting from being exposed to weather conditions for nearly or more than 100 years, regardless of installing new roofing between now and then. You would need to have your roof’s underlying structure replaced so that your roof can avoid a future disaster.
Homeowners may eventually come across this problem, even if they maintain everything inside the home. Abandoned homes can also require roof overhauls if homeowners see the home as a fixer-upper.

2.The House Needs Expansion

Some homeowners get new additions to the family and eventually, they have run out of rooms to take care of everybody. Commonly, the family would just find a new home to live in, but if you are too attached to your home and do not want to leave, you can consider adding to your home with an expansion. If you do not have much space on your lot for additional rooms, you should consider adding rooms to the upper floor of your home.

If you are looking to add new rooms to the upper floor of your home, or you want to add another story to it, you will need to have the roof replaced anyway. When expanding your home, you also may need to hire a structural engineer to change the roof’s shape.

3.The House Needs More Head Space

If you do not have enough head room inside the home, you can get roofing contractors to handle this problem, too. You will need to undergo major changes to your roof if you are looking to have the ceiling vaulted or even raised slightly. You won’t need to expand your home by adding another story to it.
However, this might also require the work of a structural engineer as if you were looking to expand. Raising your ceiling, however will provide you with more room and can make the home overall appear to be bigger.


Changing the pitch of your roof requires more work than the ordinary roof repair that contractors do, but it isn’t uncommon to turn to them to change your roof into one that you need or desire. Keep this in mind the next time you need roof repair.

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