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Replace or Repair – Which is Best

Replace or Repair – Which is Best

Replace or Repair – Which is Best

When roof damage occurs, current and potential customers often ask about the benefits of roof repair versus roof replacement. Being one of the most trusted roofing companies in the greater Los Angeles area, we want to ensure every customer receives the best quality, value, service we can provide – whether that means roof repair or full roof replacement. We take pride in delivering workmanship that is second to none, with the promise of premium products and exceptional service, including answering important questions like, “Replace or repair, which is best?”

When roof damage or wear occurs, making the best decision on replacement or repair ensures optimal performance and safety for your family and property along with minimizing costs well into the future. To uncover what is best, customers need to ask questions and expect honest and trustworthy answers in order to make the proper choice between roof replacement or repair. A reputable roofing contractor, like Bilt-Well will take the time to answer your questions, examining alternatives, and helping you make the best choice for your project.

“I cannot say enough about the owner Bruce Radenbaugh and Bilt-Well. I had the privilege of speaking with him about my roof, and different options for my roof. I must say, he gave me some solid advice about my options. I was VERY impressed. Looking forward to a great business relationship with Bilt-Well and Bruce.” – We H.

Repair Your Roof

If your roof leaks or has damaged areas due to storm or wind damage, you’ll want to call on a professional to assess the needs unique to your roof. If your issue is simply replacing torn or damaged shingles, repairing a minor leak or small amount of water damage, a quick repair may do the job and extend the life of your current roof for years to come. If the damage to your roof is more extensive, a partial reroof is another less costly option restoring performance and extending the life of your roof. Two issues may exist with these repair options and should be considered when making your final decision. First, the shingles or roofing material for your project may no longer be available, meaning the repair or partial reroof won’t be an exact match for your existing roof. Second, partial reroofing is often costlier per square foot than a complete roof replacement.

“Bilt-Well repaired all the defects at a very competitive price. The standard of service and professionalism was excellent. We would use them again and would recommend them to others.” – Leigh Ann B. 

Install a New Roof

If your roof is showing considerable wear or has extensive damage, it may be wise to consider a new roof, which is typically less expensive than doing a partial reroof now and the remainder in a few years. When making this decision, consider the age of your roof, its life expectancy/warranty, as well as the local climate and the potential for damage. If your roof has a 25-year life expectancy and is 21 years old, a new roof may be the best value for you. Another point to ponder, if you live in an area with a proclivity to storms and high winds or dry and hot conditions, you should consider reroofing with materials recommended for those conditions. A new roof means considerable expense, but should last you for many years into the future, ultimately saving you repair expenses in the future, giving you peace of mind when inclement weather arrives, and adding value to your home.

Bilt-Well is the real deal. They tore off my old roof and installed a new roof with absolutely no issues. The workers were clean, friendly, and professional. I recommend their services!! -Jeff V.

Bilt-Well – Committed to Our Customers

At Bilt-Well, we are proud to have served the great Los Angeles area since 1936, promising exceptional quality, service, and value on every project – large or small – and we have more than 100,000 satisfied customers to testify to that promise! We are committed to our customers – the new ones we’ve just met as well as the ones we have for years – promising premium products, delivered with outstanding workmanship and unmatched honest service every time.

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