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Reasons to Get A New Copper Roof in California

Reasons to Get A New Copper Roof in California

Reasons to Get A New Copper Roof in California

If you are looking to overhaul your roof, whether to increase your home’s value or give it some much-needed upgrades, there are many roofing materials to consider. These materials vary in cost, durability, color, and other factors, but if you are looking for a unique roofing material, then copper is one that is worth considering.

Copper, as a matter of fact, is one of the oldest known materials for roofing, and is a material that any roofer in Los Angeles can work with without problems. Here are all the benefits that come with a quality copper roof.

Copper Is Durable

Like metal, slate, and other hefty roofing materials, copper is highly resilient and can last for hundreds of years, which makes it a very appealing option for roofs. Once you install a copper roof, you will no longer need to replace your roof again. Asphalt and other cheap roofing materials on the other hand need to be replaced frequently, which causes you to spend more on your roof than you would actually like to. Those costs add up over time. But with copper, buildings that first used it over a century ago are still being maintained today. Copper is an excellent choice when longevity is the focus of a roof.

Copper Is Corrosion-Resistant

Many common roofing materials suffer from corrosion from underneath, such as with asphalt and metal, due to the weather and other factors. Copper, on the other hand, stays resilient in the face of corrosion, regardless of any outside factor. This is because of a chemical process that copper is known for, called “patination”. Patination is a natural ability found in copper in which it undergoes a chemical process to make it even more durable.

The subjective drawback to patination is that the roof will drastically change color. Within a year, that beautiful, shiny copper color will turn dark brown. In four years, that brown will change to a green tint, and in a decade, you’ll have yourself a bluish-green roof. You might enjoy this effect that copper may have, or you will probably prefer a roof that doesn’t change colors. But as mentioned before, patination is meant to keep the roof strong as time goes on.

Copper Is Energy-Efficient

Copper roofing has many positive traits that metal roofing has. One of these traits is the ability to reflect heat so that less heat penetrates into the home. When it comes to California, the weather can get seriously hot in the summer, in which a metal or copper roof could come in handy. While a copper roof works to keep heat out of the home, you’ll be able to control indoor temperatures better, and not have to use as much power for your air conditioner. In turn, you’ll save significant amounts of money on cooling costs each month.

Copper Is Recyclable

Copper is known as one of the most commonly recycled materials. Because copper is highly-recyclable, this means the existing reserves of copper slows down, and it’s taking much longer to replete the Earth’s natural copper reserves. Three fourths of all copper ever exploited is still being used today, and 90 percent of Earth’s copper remains untouched. Copper is not only highly available to homeowners, but environmentally friendly because of how it can be reused over time.

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