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Preparations to protect your roof the way you plan for an eclipse

Preparations to protect your roof the way you plan for an eclipse

Preparations to protect your roof the way you plan for an eclipse

Here in the United States, we all just enjoyed what was for many a once in a lifetime event, a total solar eclipse. If you happened to be in the path of totality from Oregon to South Carolina or traveled to one of the locations in the 70-mile-wide path, you could see something beyond compare – particularly to those pinhole camera eclipse viewings from elementary school. The thing is, everyone came together and prepared for the event. Everyone bought their eclipse glasses and planned their day around the timing of the eclipse so they could watch. For those adventurers who trekked to the path of totality, they packed, prepared, traveled, and set up ‘camp’ to experience the event. It was well worth the prep – as the total eclipse of 2017 did not disappoint.

The point is, everyone who wanted to view the eclipse was proactive in their preparation. The same holds true for those who want to keep their homes and businesses in tip top condition. Like looking to the sky during a solar eclipse, those who know, realize roof damage often comes from above as well – rain, wind, sun damage – are all a part of the same natural universe which wowed us on total eclipse day! Getting your roof repaired or replaced following roof damage or in preparation for an upcoming rainy season requires the same tenacity of planning as preparing to view the first total solar eclipse visible in North America since 1979.

Both are something you don’t want to miss! Of course, roof damage that goes unrepaired leaves your home or business opened up for greater damage – just like watching the solar eclipse without eclipse glasses leaves your eyes in danger of great injury. With that in mind, let’s explore the preparation and benefits needed to keep your home or office in prime condition, the same way you protected your eyes while viewing the solar eclipse.

When roof damage occurs, people often wonder if they really need professional roof repair or replacement. The answer from homeowners and business professionals is a resounding – yes! Making appropriate preparations with a professional roofing contractor in the greater Los Angeles area means you have ensured prime performance as well as the optimum safety for your family and property along with minimizing your long-term costs.

“Their service is excellent; these guys really know what they’re doing. We’re expecting heavy rains this winter and I asked him to come out and take a look, as I have not had any problems in years and want to be ready for El Niño. I was told my roof was in good shape but they come by and do just a little bit of ceiling to be on the very safe side. I really love these guys and have recommended many new customers to them, all of whom have been very satisfied.”

– William G.

To find the ideal solution, just like the perfect eclipse glasses, means asking questions and getting trustworthy, honest answers from contractors so you can make the proper selection – roof repair or replacement – all to keep your home or business safe from harm. A trusted roofing company assesses your roof damage and guides you through the unique options available for your roof, allowing you to make the best choice for your project to be completed with highest quality, value, and service.

During the assessment, the roofing contractor should explain the damage, whether it is a minor leak with some water damage or an extensive issue causing major water damage. Once explained, the recommendations for repair should match the problem. For example, unless your roof is considerably older, a minor leak should only require replacement of torn or damage shingles – not an entire roof replacement. On the other hand, if your damage is extensive or your roof is older (i.e. a 22-year-old roof with a 25-year warranty) you should expect offerings like a partial or complete reroof to ensure continued performance and longevity.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bilt-Well on a great number of projects. As a Property Manager, I am in constant need of roofers. Especially during the rainy season. I always call Bilt-Well first because I know that they are very capable and honest. My property owners appreciate their honesty and professionalism. I look forward to working with this company for many years to come.”

– Devlin C.

At Bilt-Well, we are committed to our customers – residential and commercial – and we stand behind our service as promised. We are proud to serve the greater Los Angeles area today, as we have since 1936, delivering outstanding quality, service, workmanship, and value on every project – large or small. We even have more than 100,000 satisfied customers to testify to our promise of finest quality products, delivered with exceptional craftmanship, and unparalleled trustworthy service on every project.

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