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Get Your Roof Replaced Before El Nino

Get Your Roof Replaced Before El Nino

In mid-June, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration predicted that the next El Nino rainfalls to arrive in greater Los Angeles have an 85% chance of staying around this upcoming winter. It’s been over 15 years since the last heavy El Nino stormed its way through Southern California and caused millions of dollars in property damage, however the seasoned roofing contractors in of Bilt-Well Roofing have found a few ways to prepare your home or commercial property for the heavy precipitation to come.

Proper roof repair after a devastating storm, earthquake or other natural disaster can be quite difficult to achieve when the available quality roofing workforce is stretched thin – or worse – becomes suddenly unavailable. Often, homeowners in such circumstances take matters into their own hands by making hasty and improper fixes that can create more damage than good in the long term. Sometimes, a business owner may have to pay a steep premium for an emergency job after a storm. Fly-by-night “storm chaser” roofing contractors will travel to areas hit hard by tornadoes and hurricanes and try “to make consumers feel it is an urgent deal to get their homes repaired,” said Larry Taylor, the Texas Better Business Bureau president and CEO. Taylor notes that in all states, including California, many insurance companies will allow up to one year for repairs, so if homeowners can cover leaking areas and carefully find a reputable roofing contractor, they will get their money’s worth with a secure, long-term roofing solution.

According to, El Nino – known as a tropical equator temperature anomaly that originates from the west and moves towards the east of the Pacific Ocean – greatly affects weather patterns and often helps to generate storms along the Southern U.S. regions, including Los Angeles. Different scale El Nino events appear every 2-7 years. Meteorologists have predicted that El Nino’s presence will take place between the winters of 2015-2016. That gives both home and business owners ample time to prepare for the worst. According to Steve Radenbaugh, Bilt-Well’s V.P., “Time is on our side – if we act now. The storms of El Nino may last nearly half of a year. But with up to a five-month window that we have before the heavy rainy season hits southern California, contractors can easily assess and solve minor roofing problems before they become big ones after El Nino rains down.”

With nearly 80 years of experience as top roofing contractors, Bilt-Well Roofing has seen the devastating affects of El Nino on several occasions. “There were terrible periods in the late 1950s, early 1970s and late 1990s here in Los Angeles that created billions of dollars of damage, wrecking buildings and destroying lives in the process. El Nino is a very serious matter that doesn’t pass in one simple rainstorm. It is continuous and can be brutal in many ways. We have developed several advanced inspection techniques to sort out roofing problems and solve them before the big storms and persistent rains hit,” Bilt-Well’s president, Bruce Radenbaugh, explains. In some cases, simple repairs are required, while in other instances, roofs may need complete replacement to brace for the worst.

“The most important thing for homeowners and business owners to do is carefully find a qualified roofing contactor anywhere in the U.S. they may be located. Avoid the unlicensed storm chasers after the damage is done. Be sure to act long in advance of the upcoming rains to help reduce overall costs and ensure that you’ll receive the best service – before there’s no service in an emergency,” concludes Bruce Radenbaugh.

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