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Five Reasons to Get A Metal Roof in California

Five Reasons to Get A Metal Roof in California

Five Reasons to Get A Metal Roof in California

If your roof is coming at the end of its life, you should consider replacing your roof with something more beneficial than asphalt. Asphalt shingles are the most affordable style of roof with a decent amount of energy efficiency, but if you have the budget for something more durable, we definitely recommend it.

One such roofing material that roofing companies in Los Angeles can install is metal. Metal roofing can drastically change your home’s appearance, but it comes with many more benefits that you would love to have in a roof.


Metal roofs last a lot longer than asphalt roofs; they can be put on a home for 40 to 70 years before they need to be replaced. Furthermore, next to no maintenance is needed to keep the roof in good condition. The roof can rust and discolor from water and rainfall, but so long as roofing companies in Los Angeles apply a zinc coating on it, it can withstand nearly anything.


Metal roofs are highly praised due to their hardness. For one, they can endure winds of up to 140 miles per hour, making them stay intact with your home from some of California’s most extreme weather. Roofs that are made of metal can also hold up strongly against large hailstorms. Snow is not something to worry about for California residents, but hail can still come in the event of rainfall.


Metal roofs are extremely beneficial for you and your family living inside the home. Heat tends to penetrate an asphalt roof, making you have to turn on your air conditioner to keep the home at room temperature. One way that you can save on energy bills each month is to install a metal roof. Metal conducts heat, so any heat that gets on your roof will stay on your roof and not pass through it. As a result, you can enjoy a cooler home overall and need the air conditioner less frequently. That’s not all though, metal roofs can even keep your cool air inside your home, so it does not have a means to escape like with an asphalt roof. A metal roof will basically pay for itself.

Fire Resistance

What is also great about metal roofs is that while they attract and conduct heat, they will not catch fire. In the chance of a wildfire or any type of house fire that has the chance to destroy your home, a metal roof will not only be immune to burning, but it will limit the spread of the fire, depending on where it starts. Metal roofs, according to firefighters, increase the odds of salvaging a home in case of an unexpected fire.


Metal roofs look noticeably different from your typical asphalt roofs, but with how metal roofs are made today, they have the potential to make your home look just as beautiful from the outside. A metal roof can actually make your home look more luxurious, and will definitely add resale value to your home. Metal roofing can also be made in a number of different colors from traditional grey to pine green to dark red, so if you don’t want a metallic color that is often associated with metal roofing, you can pick a color that best imitates the look of your current roof.

Metal roofs can do a world of good for your home, from being highly resistant against storms and fire to requiring very little maintenance. Consider metal as your next roof of choice and enjoy living in a safe, cool home for you and the next homeowners.

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